Satay Hut Gourmet Food Truck

Our Story

A little something about us for you to chew on.

My name is Hendrik F. Micola von Fürstenrecht II, I know it's more than a mouthful so I go by Rik Micola for short.

I am of Dutch-Indonesian descent and my father's side of the family came to the United States from the Netherlands in 1960.

My wife Mayme and I came up with this concept as we have a deep love for Dutch-Indonesian foods, have great family recipes, and of course I am a fantastic chef!  ;-)
I was actually born in Phoenix, AZ and although our family has traveled all over the world, we always came back to Phoenix and have always called it home.  Throughout our travels, we have found a few places with good Dutch-Indonesian food but Arizona and many other US states do not have many, if any, Dutch-Indonesian restaurants.
Thus the birth of Satay Hut.

Now that you know a little about us, we hope you will feel more comfortable calling us for catering, special events, and if nothing else, find our truck on the streets of Phoenix.

We wish you health and happiness.

Rik & Mayme